Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wat Rong Khun in late May

My friend David came to visit for a day so we went to Wat Rong Khun.  The day was sunny, maybe too sunny for some photographers, but I did manage to take a few.   If you care to see them all just click here
Here are a couple of my favorites from the day.

It's a planter!

Maliwan the tourist

Levels of Light

Now we know

O.K. I guess I should include one "Post Card" type shot.
There are more on Photo bucket, enjoy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Horses Arrive in Paradise

I’m looking at this blog realizing that posting is way behind, some thoughts may be lost to time.  Gentle reader I have to tell you that when I’m too busy to write about how busy I am, it’s actually a good thing.  Having said that and starting into that special time when I rush about and hopefully do some good with the Elephants Voice I’m too busy to write this, but it’s too important not to write. This is an incomplete preview of the article I’m writing.  Detailed information will be coming and it will have to be translated and then assimilated.  But for now, here we go!

Near Bangkok resides a lady referred to as Pa Tuk (Auntie Tuk).   She has a neighbor who had 9 horses.  The neighbor was cruel to his animals and soon there were only 2 remaining.  One healthy and one crippled.  Pa Tuk went to her friend Khun Daeng and they decided to rescue the two horses.  A group of 7 or more people came together and raised money to buy the two horses.  On Valentine ’s Day the two horses came to stay with Pa Tuk while they searched for a suitable home for them. 
Seven Thai Angles
They contacted an animal hospital in Lampung, a sanctuary in Loburi and finally they heard about Sangduen "Lek" Chailert and the Elepant Nature foundation.  Khun Daeng told me that at first she was shy to contact Khun Lek because of her high status.  She called the office and was then put in touch with Lek.  The horses would be welcome at the park.
Khun Lek takes a minute to catch up with Hope
Khun Daeng wondered what sort of place it would be and what sort of life the horses would have.   When I met Khun Daeng and her group at the Elephant Nature Park I asked them what they thought and how they felt about the horses’ new life.  They were pretty much at a loss for words and I’m having a time of it translating those beautiful Thai feelings into English words.  For now let me just paraphrase and say that the horses have ended up in paradise!

Gentle creatures in their new home
At the risk of over stating the obvious, this post is important, very important because it demonstrates that people of good heart can create an immense amount of good.  The opportunity to meet these loving people was in itself a blessing for me. Please stay tuned for a more detailed report.

Abundant Blessings,