Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festivals are now

Loi Krathong was amazing!  This is the annual Thai festival where people make or buy krathong and float them in the river.  It symbolizes letting go of the past and welcoming the future.  Today I may get to the river and get some photo's of Krathong on the water.

Young Girl (her father behind her) selling Krathong 50 baht, fair price
The festival also coincides with Yi Peng, the Lanna or Northern Thai festival of sending lanterns into the sky. Hopefully we'll get some shots of laterns being launched this evening.   Those not familiar who want to read a bit are invited to the Wikipedia definition.

Yesterday I went to Tae Pae gate to see the displays from different countries for Yi Peng.   Then on to Suan Baak Had (the park near my home).   Enjoy the photo’s

Thailand Display at Tae Pae Gate

Singapore Display at Tae Pae Gate

Asean Display at Tae Pae Gate

Oh My!  We have a dragon in the lake at the park! 

Maliwan purchased two kratong made from some sort of bread.  We prepared them by inserting a lock of our hair, a coin, a candle and incense.   The incense is meant to connect with the spirits, the candle to light the way, the coin represents tamboon and the lock of hair is for identification.   We took the kratongs to the lake in the park, very near my favorite dragon.  The idea is to respect (pray to) the water asking for forgiveness of our discretion and asking for guidance for the coming year.      I just love this culture.