Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flood News, Some Sad and Some Glad

The flood situation is turning into a long term ordeal. There are a lot of dark spots.  Thousands of people, thousands of acres of land and thousands of animals were, are and will be effected.  I was going to just report the good news, but before I do that, here is a brief update directly from Sangduen "Lek" Chailert which was written late last night.

Dear All
This is our eight week that we can continue to work to rescue the animals from the flood at Bangkok. The more week of flood continue , the more difficult and risky for us to do work , because  of the water become smelly, black , most animal we found are become stressed and aggressive , Many of them are also getting sick and weak . 
I will send more continue story update.


There is a few bright spots, the most significant is the massive effort that is ongoing by many local, national and international organizations who are hard a work doing what they do best. Some are rescuing animals some are working with people in neeed. The spirit of cooperation and level of effort is amazing.
Given the stress levels, the different organizational cultures and the very difficult situation, I believe the Bangkok volunteers all deserve a resounding THANK YOU!  

Let me tell you a story, a true story in fact.  A couple of days ago one of the Save Elephant Foundation SEF rescue teams came across a tortoise in need of rescue.The poor thing had ended up on one of the Bangkok area freeways. They found him in the Pratung Thani area where he had wondered out into traffic on the freeway (super highway).  This fellow would have been ran over if the SEF team hadn’t grabbed him.

Rescued from the floods and just about to be released
He's a tortoise with a history (almost completely unkown) and a destiny.  He is a three legged tortoise who gets on quite well without his right front leg. One could only speculate how he lost his leg. All I know is that the wound was long healed before SEF found him. I’m told he is actually a Black, Soft-shell Turtle which are quite uncommon. Comparing the photo I took with the ones on the internet just might be that rare specimen. He’s certainly quite similar. Actually I wasn't told about his possible identity until after his release  or I would have taken more photos, maybe many more.
I claim no expertise in this subject area.
They took the netting off, what's happening?

The turtle's new home at Wat Omung! 
The wonderful people at Wat Umong agreed to let our 3 legged friend come and live in there lake.  Wat Umong is a very serene place with lots of history.  If you come to Chiang Mai I’d encourage you to visit this wat.  It’s known for it’s history, it’s meditation center and for it’s lake where people  come to feed the fish.  We sent him off with traditional Thai well wishes.  I’m sure that the ตะพาบน้ำ as the Thai’s call him will have a long and happy life.
I'm being put in the water! 

I'll just swim to freedom 
Given that he was rescued from a flood in a city and ended up in a lake in a very spiritual place makes me think that he may be the basis for part of a future work of mythological fiction.

Abundant Blessings,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Urgent Message from Lek

David Hardcastle just sent me this:

"Having ensured flood-affected elephants were safe and properly fed, Save Elephant Foundation immediately began to rescue and/or feed dogs, cats and monkeys in many flooded areas of Bangkok.
SEF founder and international award winner Sangduen 'Lek' Chailert runs a shuttle service of food and volunteers from her base in Chiang Mai, using large trucks which can get through most floods. She has bought a boat and dogs are being rescued off the rooftops of their flooded homes.
Now, volunteers are needed to nurse sick and malnourished dogs and puppies at her temporary Dog Shelter in the Bang Po area. Please see the attached Appeal notice and help in any way you can to publicise this urgent need. This is an appeal for good hearted people, not for funds!
Thanks in advance,"

Many Dogs Need Your Help! 

The text of Lek's letter: 
The Foundation has set up an emergency Dog Shelter in Bang Po, Bangkok, to care for the many, many dogs we have rescued from the floods.
Now, volunteers are urgently needed to help save lives and nurse sick and malnourished dogs back to health.
If so, please call our Hotlines (English & Thai) now for full details of how we can help you to help us:
087 186 3804
085 161 3988
Make a difference! Save lives! Thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Flood News

Flood waters are certainly newsworthy here in Thailand.  I just took a look at  Some of the headlines are very interesting indeed. The Bangkok Governor is Blamed on Flooding Mismanagement. The former prime minister is complaining that the new administrations' budget doesn't address the flood situation properly. I read all this stuff and wonder if I've been deported back to the United States.  Point the finger at the other guy and yell as loud as you can, maybe the blame will pass you by. Would they get more accomplished if they put their personal ambitions aside and worked togather?   It's obvious that there is plenty of work to me done!

Hey, Thanks for Saving Me! 

In the meantime there are some people doing exceptional work. Let me focus on the postive.

Boats + Volunteers = Lives Saved!
Thai Watana Panich Press has donated the use of land at their production site.  That land is being used to create a temporary shelter for more than 2,000 dogs! The generousity of Thai Watana Panich Press should be noted. They are helping to save thousands of dogs. They are a printing company and can be found at

Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) is taking the inital lead in this effort but they are not alone! SEF, Soi/Street Cats And Dogs (SCAD), Pick A Pet 4 Home, Kinship Circle
Humane Society International have formed a coalation.  The Soi Dog Foundaton, Wild Life Friends Thailand (WFFT) and many other indendent volunteers are helping. There are so many good people involved; it's really heartwarming.  Hardworking volunteers are spending countless hours trying to do all they can!

October 2011, They Will Not Forget
SEF is accepting on line donations through  Just go to that website, click donate and designate the money to go to SEF. Many people are sending them an email as well.  

Abundant Blessings

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Clarity and Credit Where it is Due

Recently I wrote an article entitled DIRTBALL SCUM BAGS in which I attacked people who would stoop so low as to take advantage of disastrous and abscond with badly needed funds.  There are such people and I make no apology for warning you about them. Be careful when you donate, make sure your money is going where it is intended!!  By excluding you from the direct list in no way insinuates that I think you are a dirtball scum bag!  Heck the venerable Elepahant Nature Foundation website didn’t even make the list.  Having said that, if I have offended a few legitimate entities by not including them in the short list of ways to donate directly to Save Elephant Foundation, I apologize.  Perhaps:
Artists for Elephants is one such case.  They are legitimate and can be found on facebook.  Just type in Artists for Elephants and their group will come up for you.  Matt & Chantelle's Elephant In The Room Rescue  is another case of good people doing good work to support. Both of these groups are being supportive of my efforts to raise money for Pang Pornsawan.  In fact Matt Rousso is one of the donating artists!

Last night I went to see Lek.  I needed to get caught up before she returned to Bangkok today. I learned that there is a gentleman in Bangkok who is allowing SEF to access to a large piece of land where they can establish proper shelter for the many animals that are being rescued.  More about that gentleman as soon as I have the information and know if he wants to remain anonymous or will be O.K. with some public recognition, which he surely deserves.

While I was talking to Lek, the phone rang and it was Karin from Care for Dogs.  They are volunteering to go to Bangkok and help. They are amazing people. Truth told, they have way too many dogs and way too few volunteers as it is!   Good on them!

There are many, many great people involved and doing all they can to help.  Many of them will never be known to me and I won’t be able to tell you about their individual good deeds.  They will, non the less, have accumulated good Karma and are loved and appreciated for their efforts.

Abundant Blessings,

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Three Ways to Help SEF Save Animals

Save Elephant Foundation has been rescuing animals as fast as we can with the limited resources available.  At this point we have three pressing needs:

1. We need more boats.  Who do you know in the Bangkok area that will loan, rent or even sell a boat?

2. The dogs and cats need medicine, especially medicine for lice, mange and just pain.  Who do you know that’s coming to Thailand?  Please ask them to bring some medicine with them.  Our volunteers will be happy to pick it up from them once they arrive in country.

 3. We need veterinarians to take care of the dogs, cats, bird and perhaps monkeys.  The foundation can help transport in country, basic accommodations and meals. If you are a vet and can volunteer a couple days of your time, it would certainly be more than appreciated.  The need for a vet is truly desperate!

If you can help, or even lead us to someone who can help, please call:
In Thai or English: Khun Sak - 086 920 1723       or Khun Patty - 086 618 8170

Again, If you can help, or even lead us to someone who can help, please call:
In Thai or English: Khun Sak - 086 920 1723 or Khun Patty - 086 618 8170

Abundant Blessings, especially to those of you who will help!