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Autism in Northern Thailand

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Last minute article addition:   I only have 4 tickets left for the Bollywood Masala Charity Event.  Please contact me to reserve yours today!  I will be turning in my tickets and money on Monday.  If you need more than 4 contact Frank directly.  (See bottom of this article for details).

Autism is a reality in Chiang Mai as it is throughout the world. One expert report says that there are at least 200,000 autistic children in the Kingdom.    Here children severely effected with this malady might end up at the Northern Thailand School for children with disabilities.  They have some 30 students, many autistic, some with down syndrome and, if I understand correctly one or two, who suffer from severe Attention Defecate Disorder.  The school is a foundation under Royal patronage.
The Northern Thailand Center for Education of Disable Children
The school sponsors a small NGO called Chiang Mai Skill center which is located less than a kilometer away from the school.  The founder is Lukas Wyss who provides the autistic children with the opportunity to interact with horses and provide riding therapy and Hippotherapy.  I know very little about this type of work, but what I do know is that the children enjoy it immensely! 
On the buggy and ready to go
At the appointed time Lukas takes a horse drawn carriage from his barn to pick up children at the school.   The children at the school wait anxiously for the horse and carriage.  As soon as it's visible on the road there is a furfur of excitement (Imagine a bunch of kids looking down the road and seeing Santa Clause coming up the lane - that kind of excitement is what I'm talking about)!  The children then enjoy a carriage ride back to the skill center.
Horse and buggy plus happy children
At the skill center they use time grooming the horse and then go to a field especially prepared with soft sand where they take turns riding the horse. Each child is given therapy matching his or her needs. 
Ride a horse and work on manual dexterity, good plan! 
After the rides are done, the children return to the barn where they enjoy more time with the horses and a refreshing snack.  Finally they take the buggy ride back to the school.

The center has several urgent needs including water and toilets.  You can help!  Attend the Bollywood Masala Event, donate or volunteer.   Please take a look at for more information.

Are you going to be in Chiang Mai on Friday October 4th?  Would you enjoy an evening of Indian Entertainment and Indian Food while supporting a most worthy cause; autistic children?   Read on.

My friend Frank from Fashion King of Chiang Mai is organizing the evening.  Frank is a guy who always supports others in their charity work. Now is the time to support him and his wife Vinata in their efforts to support the autistic children at the   CM Skill Center.

The Empress hotel will host and they always do a great job.  The cost is only 1,000 baht per ticket.  Of course, larger sponsorships are requested.  See Frank for details or call him at 081-928-4575  or 081-733-5914.  You may also contact me directly at 089-556-4293; I also have tickets to sell

For only 1,000 baht you have the opportunity to help these children and enjoy an
Indian Bazaar atmosphere will be enhanced by live Indian music and dance
performed by professionals from Bangkok.  You will also enjoy a delicious Indian Buffet.  A complimentary drink will be provided on arrival. Door prizes, a silent auction and many stalls Will add to the excitement of the evening. 

6.30 – 7.15 pm. Registration
7.30 pm. Buffet opens

Followed by Music & dance

Tickets are available at Fashion King or directly from me.

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